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The Investment sector

Investing and the subject of money is typically a taboo in many families. For the majority, stock investing is almost equivalent to gambling at a casino, but contrary to widespread belief you can earn money whether the market is going up, down or sideways.                                   

The learning sector

Learning has been stagnated for decades; we are used to only having one correct way to solve a problem instead of many creative ways. Instead of using mental techniques and shortcuts to improve our memory & learning capacity, most people rely on repetitious rode learning.

The Media sector

We live in a world where the advent of the Internet has made printed media and broadcast television mostly obsolete. The public have become their own entertainers through services like Youtube, Instagram, etc., and even companies previously in the dark are gaining an online presence as media companies.


Rich Journey Group.​

Stock & option trading​

Rich Journey Group is a guidance service focused on stock and option trading in the US stock market, which offers its users a set of methods to use depending on the current direction of the market. These have on average yielded returns of 18% per month since mid-2018, and can be used by both seasoned traders and newcomers alike.


Elite Student.

Provide effective learning

Elite Student is an online learning platform for the Danish market, aimed at teaching its users about the ways of effective learning through powerful memory techniques, which can be used for everything from simple fact recollection to learning new languages. This is aided by breaking down skill sets in ways that makes them easier to approach and understand.


Morning Mistakes.

Youtube morning show

We’re currently working on expanding our online media presence, including a business-related morning show for YouTube, with daily themes ranging from funny historical trivia regarding certain industries, to hard hitting debates aimed at shedding light on some of the issues companies face (or cause) in our modern time.

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  • Brand Awareness
  • Market Analysis
  • ​Social Media Influencer
  • Facebook Ads
Filming & Editing
  • Content Research
  • Camera & Lighting
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Responsiveness
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Servers
  • Creative Solutions

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"We do what we love"

Meet our previous interns


Riptos is a place where the bosses are down to earth and very cool. I got to travel to the US for 3 months for work. I Interned as a designer and got a full-time position afterwards.

Kamilla Andersen

I started to work on the Business Morning Show that Riptos is going to host on YouTube soon. The learning experience was priceless and very entertaining. No boring days.


I wanted to work at Riptos because the people are great and the knowledge is priceless, but I also wanted to finish my bachelor. They decided to hire me part-time until I’m done!